3 Employee Engagement Strategies That’ll Keep Your Team Invested


Engaged employees are better employees. When employees are engaged with their companies, they are more productive, more likely to stay, and less likely to take sick days.

But, the sad truth is that many employees aren’t engaged at work. Gallup reveals that for every 2 engaged employees, there’s 1 that’s actively not engaged at work. Chances are, you have more than 3 employees at work – you do the math.

So, what should you do to keep your team engaged? Millennium Omaha presents 3 actionable and practical employee engagement strategies that’ll keep your team invested!

Think Family

What we mean by this is to treat your employees, well, like family. Get to know the people working for you, and truly care about them. People want to be valued, and your employees are no exception.

Make room to learn something about your employees every day. This could be learning more about their role, how they feel about the company, or just something about them as a person – not as an employee. If you have a busy schedule, find 5 minutes to spare. Strive to make a meaningful connection with your employees one conversation at a time.

Provide Incentives and Perks to Keep Employees Engaged

We’re not saying that you should pamper your employees. But, do provide enough incentives and perks to show that you care for both their professional and personal life. Offer incentives and perks like free fitness classes, gift cards for hitting milestones, education programs, and so forth.

If you do the bare minimum for your employees, they may reciprocate this feeling while they work. If you go above and beyond to help them feel comfortable, they’ll go above and beyond while they work.

Tip: Make sure you’ve got the basic amenities covered too. Good coffee to boost productivity, snacks to satisfy grumpy stomachs, and whatever else employees may need to work to their full potential.

Make Work More Fun With Engagement Activities

If your employees experience the mundane every day, they’ll eventually grow disengaged. This is especially the case if they’re already dealing with feelings of stress or burnout. As a leader, do something to transform the mundane into something more fun. It’s important to plan activities that keep workflow going, and create a fresh feeling of fun and excitement. Throughout the year, you could plan out:

  • Theme days
  • Happy hours
  • Office games
  • Lunch and learn
  • Milestone celebrations (think birthdays, babies, and achievements)