Office Health

How to Prepare a Small Business for a Recession

  According to Vanguard, the likelihood of a U.S. recession in the next 12 months is at 25% and in the next 24 months at about 65%. This potential for an upcoming recession is nasty news for many small- to medium-sized businesses. Small businesses are hit the hardest because they experience all the negatives that

How to Encourage Employee Survey Completion

  If you know anything about Millennium Omaha, you know that we are the biggest fans of feedback loops. You ask for feedback, you get it, and then you make changes based on said feedback. You’re happy, your employees are happy — it’s a win-win. But, what if your employees aren’t giving you feedback. You

To Automate or to Not Automate? Pros and Cons of Automation in the Workplace

  To automate or to not automate? This is the big question boggling down both small and large businesses alike. Many labor intensive tasks can now be automated thanks to technology, but automation isn’t perfect. Would you rather have efficiency or control? Safety or costs? 55% of firms are already in the process of automating

The Tell-Tale Signs of Disengaged Employees and How to Solve This Issue

  Disengaged employees are no fun. They lack energy nor are they interested in solving problems and making progress. They’re also the ones that are most vocal about inconveniences and like to stir up trouble for little to no reason. Yuck, right? Well, you might be the problem. Luckily, you might also be the solution.

How to Streamline Your Administrative Processes

  Administrative processes are office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, and document production that keep a business up and running. Without these essentials in place, businesses are guaranteed to fail. However, it’s not enough to just have administrative processes in place – that’s the bare minimum. Time is valuable, and streamlining your business’s administrative processes

Build Accountability on Your Team With These 4 Strategies

  The thing about accountability is that it comes from within. Your employees are intrinsically motivated to fulfill their commitments for their own reasons. Not because an employer tells them to. Employees who mandate responsibility through a top-down approach belittle their employees. These strategies may prompt momentary accountability, but do nothing to encourage employees to

3 Employee Engagement Strategies That’ll Keep Your Team Invested

  Engaged employees are better employees. When employees are engaged with their companies, they are more productive, more likely to stay, and less likely to take sick days. But, the sad truth is that many employees aren’t engaged at work. Gallup reveals that for every 2 engaged employees, there’s 1 that’s actively not engaged at

The Top 3 Causes of Employee Turnover (and Their Solutions)

  When employees abruptly leave your company, it drains your company of precious resources like time and money. If your company has a high turnover rate, it can even drive off future candidates from wanting to work with you. So, all in all – turnovers are never a good sign. If your company is currently

What is a Praise Wall and How Can It Help Your Business?

  Everyone loves and deserves to be praised for their work, but what about putting written praises on a literal wall somewhere in the office? If praises have the power to motivate and encourage – then it might be best to put praises in plain sight. Today’s Millennium Omaha blog introduces you to praise walls