4 Ways to Make New Employees Feel More Welcome

First days can be rough. You remember the first day of school or work, don’t you? Your new employees are excited to start working, but they’re also uncertain and nervous. Employers should always strive to make new employees feel welcome. After all, employees who feel welcome right off the bat are often happier and more productive too.

So, below are 4 ways to make new employees feel more welcome on their first days.

Prep Your Team

You know a new employee is coming, but your team (most of the team, anyways) doesn’t. Whatever you do, don’t make the first interaction between the new and the old awkward. Fill your current team on the fact that a new employee is coming along with some general background information. This may include where the new employee is from, their credentials, and what role they’re replacing. This way, a conversation can be more easily struck up instead of awkward silence.

Pro tip: The morning that the new employee arrives, send out one final reminder to your team. Insist that they welcome the new employee with a big smile, kindness, and enthusiasm.

Utilize the Buddy System

Don’t force your new employee to fend for themselves. Instead, set them up with a more experienced work buddy. This way, your new employee won’t feel alone at work. If a new employee has questions, their buddy is there to answer and offer advice. The buddy system also helps new employees transition into their roles more quickly.

Check In After the First Week

Don’t forget to check up on your new employees after the first week. This act shows new employees that you genuinely care for their success while giving them the opportunity to ask any lingering questions. If you’re running on a tight schedule, the check-in can be as simple as a 5 minute conversation or an email.

Have a Welcome Basket Ready

A welcome basket is the icing on top of the cake for a new employee’s first day. It can make your company stand out to your new employees and it’ll show your appreciation for them. Tight on budget? The welcome basket doesn’t need to be expensive. We suggest including small things like office supplies, snacks, and gift cards to stores like Starbucks or Dunkin. Oh, and don’t forget a welcome card that’s been signed by the entire team. Welcome baskets are a fun and creative way to make your new employees feel at home.