4 Ways to Make Your Business More Appealing to Top Talent


To become a top business in your field, you need to attract top talent. Why? Employees are the foundation of any business, and top talent offers a competitive edge that makes your business stand out.

But, that’s the thing. Every business wants top talent, and top talent has mountains of job offers to look through. Attracting top talent takes much more than a local job advert or competitive pay – any business can do that.

As much as you want top talent, top talent needs to want you just as much. Want to know how? Here are 4 ways to make top talent willing jump through hoops to be part of your team.

  • Create a Memorable Experience for Candidates

    If you’ve ever taken a writing course, I’m sure you’re familiar with the golden rule that is “show, not tell”. This rule applies in business too. Beyond telling your candidates about your “amazing” and “ideal” company culture, show them that culture instead. Perhaps, you can have a current employee come in and answer candidate questions? Or, have the recruiter approach interviews with a certain tone in mind?

    Whatever you do, make sure to give candidates a positive view of your business that does not feel manufactured.

  • Advertise What Sets You Apart

    You know your business like the back of your hand. But, top talent certainly does not. You need to showcase that your business isn’t run-of-the-mill and worth joining. Create marketing campaigns that mirror what you claim to offer. For instance, if you consider your business to be people-first above all – make that known. You could shoot behind-the-scenes or employee testimonials to make this “people-first” mentality more apparent.

    Keep in mind to be genuine about what you advertise. There’s no point in top talent onboarding and then leaving due to dishonesty.

  • Embrace Hiring Technology

    Hiring technology can make things easier and more efficient – so why not utilize them? Hiring marketplaces like Indeed and Linkedin can help you find top talent beyond the capabilities of word-of-mouth.

    AI-based hiring technology is also changing the game. Traditional recruitment methods largely focus on skill sets, experience, and other surface-level topics. While these subjects are important, we have to remember that top talent has plenty of options to choose from. Two more important priorities for top talent include whether they’ll fit into a certain team and if the offered role aligns with their long-term goals. Use AI-based talent acquisition platforms like STELLARES to engage potential talent by diving into their specific goals and wants.

  • Be Proactive in Your Top Talent Hunt

    Top talent can appear anytime and be lurking in any corner. If you only start looking for top talent the moment a position opens, you might be in trouble. Proactively reach out and network with talented individuals. Even if they are not currently looking for a new position, why not make it known that your business is a great place to work?

    Find ways to build relationships with passive candidates. This way, your company will be the first place these candidates come looking when the time comes.