4 Work Mistakes You Might Be Making Every Day


Work is work, but there are certain mistakes that drive up stress while plummeting happiness and productivity. Why make work harder than it needs to be? Here are the 4 most common work mistakes that you might be making day in and day out.

  • Just Complaining Too Much

    Yeah, work can sometimes be tough and you probably have a co-worker that you dislike. But, where exactly is venting going to get you? Not only can venting at work make you seem snobby and whiny, but it affects how your overall success is perceived. Venting isn’t even good for your health. It feels great in the moment, but can actually spike up stress and anger rather than reduce them.

    If you absolutely need to vent, do it after you get home. Grab a partner or non-work friend who is happy to lend an ear. A simple “I hear you” goes a long way.

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep

    Everyone knows this, but not everybody recognizes or attempts to fix this mistake. So, we’ll say it one more time. Getting a good night’s sleep has been proven time and time again to significantly boost productivity. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep loss can make it challenging to maintain focus, attention, and vigilance. All of this leads to increased errors and mistakes, making seemingly productive efforts turn completely unproductive.

    Think of it like this. Working while sleep-deprived is like squeezing an almost dried lemon for a few extra drops of juice. When you get a good night’s sleep, it’s like squeezing an entirely new and fresh lemon full of productivity juice. Which one would you rather have?

  • Being Stomped All Over

    Of course, we’re not talking about literal stomping; We’re talking about being way too nice and then getting taken advantage of. Could you print this for me? Can you run this down to the second floor? Can you help me out with this assignment? Don’t feel bad for saying no.

    Know your limits, and practice saying no to your co-workers. You work hard, so it’s only fair that your other co-workers work just as hard. Still, it’s totally okay to help out your overworked office bestie once in a while. Just don’t be overly nice to the point of being taken advantage of and stomped all over.

  • Sitting Until Your Bum Gets Sore

    Your bum (and the rest of your body) work best when they have the chance to loosen up every hour or so. Getting up to go to the cafeteria or the bathroom isn’t enough during a long day of work. Ideally, for every hour of sitting, aim to get 5 minutes of movement in. Simply walk in place, stretch, or even do a little dance. These small active intervals have been shown to improve memory and attention by as much as 20 percent too (University of Michigan). So, get off your butt every hour or so to see healthier joints and higher levels of productivity!