5 Reasons Why Office Cultures are Sweeter than Christmas Morning


There is something magical about Christmas morning. If you work in an office with a positive culture, going to work every morning is an even more magical experience. Let’s look at five reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. Employees WANT to be there. If the culture serves up sweet feelings daily, it will be reflected in the employees’ faces. Your ROI for providing a positive work culture will be HUGE.
  2. Gone are the days of gossip. When workplace culture is positive, employees do not need to gossip. The lack of gossip frees up time for productive discussions about work. Can it get much sweeter?
  3. Positivity Opens Minds. If your employees feel their company values them and their opinions, they will be more apt to open their minds to new suggestions about the company. Talk about a sweet prospect.
  4. Sweet culture cooks up loyal employees. If your employees genuinely want to be at work every day, they are less likely to leave, even if they are offered more money elsewhere. Employee retention is a tasty tidbit for your bottom line.
  5. Bye-bye, bad behavior. When your culture promotes rainbows and sunshine, your employees are less likely to harass or bully their coworkers. That should bring sweet relief to HR.

While Christmas morning is still a sweet experience, going to a place where you spend the majority of your waking hours and not want to jump off a cliff on the way home is a SUPER sweet thing. Keep that office culture positive, people!