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4 Manager Tips To Make 1-On-1 Meetings More Comfortable

  If you’re a practicing manager, you know how dreadful 1-on-1 meetings can be. Whether it’s to lecture an employee who isn’t performing well, or you’re just checking up on something – wouldn’t things be better if they were more comfortable? Millennium Omaha thinks so. Because you probably will need to conduct 1-on-1 meetings in

4 Methods to Stomp Out Workplace Gossip Today

  Your employees didn’t sign up to be on a season of Gossip Girl or The Office. Instead, they signed up to work in a positive environment away from gossip or petty workplace drama. But, gossip happens in nearly every company. Any gossip can be bad, but unchecked gossip can prove to be detrimental to

A Leader’s Quick Guide to Make Employees Feel Valuable

  A little bit of appreciation goes a long way in the office. When employees feel recognized and valued, good things start to happen. More productivity, more engagement, and more frowns turned upside down. Without delay, here’s the Millennium Omaha leader’s guide to making employees feel more valuable. 4 different strategies are below, all actionable

5 Interview Green Flags That You’ll Want To See From Job Candidates

  We’ve explored the interview red flags, and now we’re onto the interview green flags. Millennium Omaha is here to help your business run smoothly, one step at a time. Below, you’ll find 5 interview green flags that’ll make you fall in love with a job candidate from the get-go. An Interview That Flows An

3 Reasons to Get Behind Behavioral Interviews

  Interviews set the stage for you to understand prospective employees beyond just their resumes. But, there’s a simple way to make the interview process even more effective. Conduct behavioral interviews. Ask behavioral questions. Below, Millennium Omaha will cover what behavioral interviewing is and 3 reasons to get behind asking behavioral questions in your next

Best Employee Training Methods for New Employees

  It’s easy to chalk it up to your employees when they don’t listen or retain what they learn. But, it’s also important to remember that effective training is never approached as a one-size-fits-all method. Some employees may react well to one method of training, while others don’t. It is pivotal to have multiple effective

Your Guide to Make Employees Listen

  It’s important to rein in, take initiative, and inspire those around the office. But, this objective becomes an impossible task if employees don’t listen. People can be way too stubborn for their own good, and your employees are no exception. So, what can you do? Below, we’d like to offer 3 tips to improve

Pros and Cons of Flexible Work Arrangement

  Flexible work arrangement is here to stay – but is it the next big thing? Well, it depends. Below, we’ll define what flexible work arrangement is, along with the pros and cons of the idea. What is Flexible Work Arrangement? Everyone knows the 9-to-5 work schedule. Employees show up at 9AM, work, have lunch,

Onboarding: 4 Best Practices to Follow in 2022

Onboarding is one of the first company-related experiences that new employees have. When done right, onboarding can help your new employees transition quickly into their positions and set them up for success. When done wrong, onboarding can leave new employees feeling unwelcome or uncertain about their positions. Almost every business needs to onboard at some

4 Ways to Make New Employees Feel More Welcome

First days can be rough. You remember the first day of school or work, don’t you? Your new employees are excited to start working, but they’re also uncertain and nervous. Employers should always strive to make new employees feel welcome. After all, employees who feel welcome right off the bat are often happier and more