Five reasons you still need an office space 

Five reasons you still need an office space 

One of the biggest shifts in lifestyle during 2020 was the transition to working from home. As vaccinations ramp up, some people are considering remote work permanently. But there are many advantages to an office that you simply can’t get from working at your kitchen table. They include:  

  1. Having a place to get mail. It’s likely that you need to receive paper documents at least occasionally. An office address gives you a way to collect mail related to your job, and to keep it from intermingling with your mail at home. 
  2. Having a professional location for meeting with clients. Video chatting platforms work, but with a place to meet in-person, you’re free from technical difficulties, rogue pets, and other problems that plague the online meeting.  
  3.  Having a place to chat with co-workers. Working effectively with co-workers often means the ability to dash over to their desk to ask them a quick question. It also includes a feeling of camaraderie that is absent when working from home.  
  4.  The opportunity to really focus. Productivity at home can be difficult, especially if you’re drawn to turning on the TV, taking a quick nap, helping kids with schoolwork, or dealing with other distractions. In an office setting, you can truly focus.  
  5.  A space for work, and a space for life. Working from home confuses your work/life balance. This is detrimental to your mental health. Having a space to go to for work and a space that’s for you and your family helps you balance the important elements of your life effectively.  

 While the typical office space may look different after the pandemic, the benefits to that physical building for work is ultimately helpful to your success.  

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