3 ways plants improve your office 

3 ways plants improve your office 

Your office is a great location to fill with plants. They’re pretty, sometimes smell good, and brighten up the room. But in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plants can do wonders for your health in the workplace! Here are three reasons:  

  1. Plants relieve stress. Work can be a stressful place! It’s been scientifically proven that nature helps manage anxiety. So why not bring nature into your work area? Plants have calming scientific properties that can help you breathe deep and feel more confident as you tackle your to-do list.  
  2.  Plants help increase productivity. Those calming properties don’t just help you feel less stressed. One 2014 study has found that having plants in your office can increase your productivity by 15 percent, as they replenish attention capacity. Having lovely living things alongside you as you work makes you feel more motivated, which is essential in any job. 
  3.  Plants contribute to physical health. The safety and cleanliness of the workplace will be a focus in offices as the world comes back together. Studies suggest that plants actually decrease carbon dioxide levels and scrub the air of pathogens. So adding some greenery to your workspace can decrease your sick days and encourage healing. 

 It’s clear that plants are a matter of employee well-being! Click here for a list of popular plants for office spaces.  

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