How to Decorate Your Office on a Budget

Everyone wants to have a lovely and pleasing office space. But not everyone can afford a decorator, fancy art, or expensive furniture. Here are five tips for decorating your office to look great, no matter your budget.

Grab some quirky art

Beautiful art doesn’t have to cost a bundle! You can find downloadable images on sites like Unsplash, find your favorites, and frame them. Or stop into your local thrift store to see what kind of treasures people have chosen to part with. You might just find the perfect compliments for your walls!

Find some plants

Plants have been proven time and again to boost mood and liven up any office space. Succulents are a popular choice due to their compact size. Spider plants also look great and make a stunning impact. These and other low maintenance choices will make a big difference and cost very little.

Use practical pieces

Decor doesn’t just have to be for show. Put some shelves or hooks on the wall for stacking books, hanging coats, or whatever you need. You’ll be surprised how much personality it adds!

Warm up your lighting

Get a lamp or overhead light that adds warmth to the space. This gives the sense of comfort and hominess to the space, contrary to the standard fluorescent lights of most offices.

Invest in a good scent

A nice smell calms and soothes and adds a comforting feeling to your space. Grab a plug-in warmer and different scents you can swap out easily, particularly to suit the season!