Making the most of your commercial outdoor space 

Making the most of your commercial outdoor space 

An outdoor space with your commercial building is a real asset as the weather gets warmer and people want to feel the breeze! Here are a few ideas for things to do with your outdoor areas! 

Patio or courtyard: Patios and courtyard spaces are especially great for restaurants and bars, particularly in places where capacities are still limited due to the pandemic. But a patio doesn’t just have to be for eating. Workers at offices with these types of spaces can step outside to take a breath, stretch, regroup, or even have meetings!  

Beautiful garden: Gardens can enhance any space, particularly if well-tended. They can be places to display merchandise, for customers to sit and chat, or for employees to contribute their own ideas. You can also use it for a community food source, or to complement your space with interesting textures and colors.  

Playground: A playground is a great use of your outdoor space. Whether you want a place for kids that pass by, a compliment to your company’s daycare, or a place for kids to amuse themselves while their parents shop, a playground can be a real boost to your image.  

Other ideas for outdoor spaces include dog parks, rentable gathering spaces, a place for art shows or musical performances, or even a place for employees to take their laptops and enjoy a nice day!