The Top Five Cities for Commercial Real Estate

The Top Five Cities for Commercial Real Estate

While commercial real estate used to be dominated by the biggest cities, the industry has now branched to cities of all sizes throughout the United States.

Here are five markets where commercial real estate is growing the fastest.

#5 Atlanta GA

This capital city has over 6 million residents in its metro area. The market price for rent is on the rise and expected to increase by 4% by 2024. Many businesses are also setting up shop in Atlanta.

#4 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in northeast Texas is home to over 7.5 million people and saw the largest job growth in the nation in 2019. In particular, tech companies are beginning to make the region home, making office buildings a good investment in that area.

#3 Boston, MA

In addition to having the housing needs of any metro location, this tightly-packed east coast city thrives on the space needed for its educational institutions. It is expected that the office buildings left empty in 2020 will be quickly snatched up in 2021. Construction on new buildings has seen a swift increase.

#2 Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, the most populous city in North Carolina, has risen to impressive heights when it comes to commercial real estate. Finance, tech, and manufacturing companies have relocated there, giving the city unprecedented growth. Charlotte’s commercial real estate growth will likely pick back up much faster than other cities in 2021.

#1 Austin, TX

Nestled in the middle of the large state of Texas, the quirky city is often cited as the nation’s fastest-growing. Big tech businesses like Samsung, Facebook, and Intel have homes there, and millennials are arriving in Austin constantly. This means the city is full of opportunities for commercial real estate investing for housing, office, and manufacturing locations.

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