Commercial Real Estate News

A New Way of Investing

There was a time when investors with deep pockets were the only people who could afford to get into the real estate market. But a new company called Fundrise is making it easier for people to make smaller investments into properties and still see returns.   For as little as $500, new investors can build their portfolio with

Five Facts About the Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t add any more products or services, they’ve done just that with their Amazon Fresh Grocery Stores.   Here are some important things to know about Amazon Fresh and their new physical stores:    There are 16 physical stores as of this writing. Their first physical grocery store opened in May of 2021

The Top Five Cities for Commercial Real Estate

The Top Five Cities for Commercial Real Estate While commercial real estate used to be dominated by the biggest cities, the industry has now branched to cities of all sizes throughout the United States. Here are five markets where commercial real estate is growing the fastest. #5 Atlanta GA This capital city has over 6

The Five Largest Airports in the United States

Commercial airports across America vary significantly in size and style. Some harbor only a few planes, others are giant international hubs.    For this list, we’ll name the top five largest airports in the United States based on their actual physical size.  #5 George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas This airport is spread across 15.6 square

The Omaha Real Estate Market in 2020

The real estate market in 2020 was pandemonium for many cities. At first, it seemed that Omaha would be no different. In the second quarter of the year, as the world coped with the initial shock and significant adjustments from the pandemic, commercial real estate sales in Omaha plummeted by 87 percent compared with 2019. Things were

The Expansion of the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo Expansion The 132-acre Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, situated in Omaha, NE, has rarely stayed stagnant in its growth. What began in 1894 as the small Riverview Park Zoo has ballooned into one of the country’s most celebrated zoos through consistent development projects. Over 25 million people have visited just in the

How Airbnb Bested the Hotel Industry

The Rise of Airbnb 15 years ago, hotels were an inevitable part of traveling. Hotels generated $122 billion in income in 2005, netting $26 billion.  Then, along came Airbnb. The platform allows people to list their homes for vacation rentals, and travelers to choose from a variety of options. Airbnb makes a commission. The company skyrocketed to success

The Effect of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate

The Start of the Pandemic As the COVID-19 pandemic began, the first places to feel the impact were restaurants, gyms, performance spaces, entertainment venues, and independent stores. However, commercial real estate hung on, largely due to lessors who preferred to let their tenants keep space at lower prices rather than have to try to rent

The Five Craziest Malls In The World

You may not usually think about taking a swim in the midst of your shopping trip, but hey, why not? It’s possible at some malls around the world, as is skiing, going to a concert, or checking out some of Andy Warhol’s finest work.   Here are the five malls with the craziest amenities, sizes, and

Crossroads Mall Getting a Makeover

Mall Makeover The Crossroads Mall, located at 72nd and Dodge streets in Omaha, will get an upgrade via a $500 million mixed-use development at the site of the mall. The new additions include establishments catering to family activities like laser tag and bowling, along with retail locations. The plan also includes offices, senior living, a