What is a Praise Wall and How Can It Help Your Business?


Everyone loves and deserves to be praised for their work, but what about putting written praises on a literal wall somewhere in the office? If praises have the power to motivate and encourage – then it might be best to put praises in plain sight.

Today’s Millennium Omaha blog introduces you to praise walls and how they can be a strong asset to your business. Praise wall overload incoming!

What is a Praise Wall?

A praise wall – sometimes referred to as a “win” wall – celebrates the achievements of your employees by displaying them to the entire office. There’s no specific format to creating a praise wall, provided that your company’s good vibes are captured and appreciation is shown.

Praise walls are digital while others are not. Praises can be captured through a digital display monitor, with chalk on a blackboard, or with a group of note cards pinned to the designated wall. If you’re in need of ideas for a praise wall, a simple Google search will help you.

Are Praise Walls Beneficial to Your Business?

Chances are, you’re already giving out good feedback to your employees. But, are you doing enough? According to a Gallup survey, fewer than one-third of American workers received praise from their boss or manager in the last week. In that same survey, 65% of Americans haven’t received praise from executives in the last year.

Praise walls don’t take a lot of effort to set up, and they serve as a passive reminder that you appreciate what your employees are doing. With a busy schedule, you might not have time to praise and appreciate your employees’ efforts. So, let the praise wall do it for you!

The Benefits of Praise Walls

Praise walls are there to provide praise around the clock. There’s no doubt that praising somebody can provide positives, and praise walls are used to keep the benefits alive. Here are the benefits that praise – and thus praise walls – can provide:

  • Boost morale and motivation
  • Improve motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Enhance work culture
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase dopamine production – a hormone that promotes feelings of pride and pleasure
  • Increase oxytocin production – a hormone that alleviates stress and anxiety