Why and How To Get Your Business Involved in the Community


Community is everything, but does that apply to running a business? Most definitely, yes. Having that foothold on community means the difference between an ostracized business and one that has a competitive advantage.

Want to get your business more involved in the community? Below, we’ll cover the why behind community involvement and 6 actionable steps right now.

Why You Should Get Your Business Involved in the Community

Before anything, what is community involvement? Community involvement is the power to bring positive change to the local community and your business. There are hundreds of ways for your business to get more involved in the community, so let’s just discuss the benefits for now.

Here’s the why for community involvement:

Improve brand awareness – If you show up to a local fundraising event or other good cause, people will start to talk. They’ll learn about your business, and work their word-of-mouth magic to all their friends and family.

Create a culture of positivity – Culture is your business’s unique set of values and attitudes. Show your employees the supportive and giving side of your business, and immerse them in a positive culture. There are numerous benefits to a positive culture.

Build trust – Trust is the single most important thing when consumers decide who to work with. Spending time in the community and giving back positions your business as being more than just money hungry.

How to Get Your Business Involved in the Community

So, what can you do to boost community involvement? Below are 6 actionable tactics to help you started:

Back up a good cause – Consider donating a percentage of your sales to a local charity. Or, initiating a charity drive. It’ll feel good, boost sales, and create meaningful change in the community.

Sponsor an event or organization – Chances are, there’s a marathon or fundraiser coming up in your community. There are also plenty of local youth or adult sports teams too. Take the initiative, and sign up to sponsor them!

Encourage employees to volunteer – Let your employees know that you’d like them to volunteer. Promote initiatives that you’d like them (and yourself) to dedicate time too

Offer your specialty – Your service can do plenty of good for the community. Have a food business? Give excess food to local pantries or groups. Have a website design company? Ask if a local non-profit would like their website updated for free.

Take interns – Let local schools and universities know that you’re looking for an intern. This will help students gain experience while improving your business’s visibility and credibility too.