4 Security Measures to Keep Your Office Safe and Sound


While we hear a lot about cybersecurity these days, physical security shouldn’t be neglected either. Ironically, technology can help keep your office safer than ever these days.

You and your employees deserve to feel safe and sound while in the office. Beyond the obvious lock your doors and windows, here are 4 of the best office security measures to keep your office safe and sound.

  • Use Access Control

Ever seen a spy movie where the characters seem to just waltz into any building with absolute ease? You don’t want that to be your office building. The only people that should have access to your office space should be you and your employees. Implement access control technology that allows only people with an access card to unlock doors to the office.

If you want to go to the next level, there’s something called multi-level access too. Depending on the role of the employee, their access card may have more or fewer privileges to enter confidential rooms.

  • Set Up Surveillance

Even with access control implemented, it’s important to remember that no system is foolproof. Set up surveillance cameras and hire a team member to monitor these cameras as an extra step for safety.

Surveillance systems can help you catch burglars and other unwanted threats during the day and night. If someone sneaks into your office during the day, the person who monitors your surveillance will have the intel to find them. At night – since many surveillance cameras have motion detectors – you will be notified in real-time about strange office activity.

  • Deter Burglars With Proper Lighting

With the right lighting, people will think twice about robbing you and your office. If burglars know that it’ll be difficult to hide their identities outside the office, this fact will protect your employees from getting robbed while walking to areas like the parking lot.

You can either keep lights on at all times, or you may choose to set up motion lights. These motion lights would only turn on when they detect motion, and can be an excellent way to scare off burglars. As an extra precaution, check all your security cameras to make sure there is enough light in the area to capture clear images.

  • Train Your Team

It’s important to train your team on both how to use security measures and what to do in case a threat occurs. For instance, your office needs to have procedures on what to do if somebody unlawfully forces their way into the office. Who should your employees contact? What should your employees do while waiting for backup?

Training should cover a variety of situations and clearly outline procedures for them.