4 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty


While office backstabbings and betrayals aren’t as dramatic in real life – they still certainly happen. And, these scenarios can still be nightmares to deal with. Most business owners will likely have to deal with backstabbing employees at some point in their careers.

We’d like to help minimize the chances of this happening to you. The key to reducing betrayals in the office is to garner authentic and genuine employee loyalty. Below are 4 simple steps to take to increase employee loyalty.

Understand That Loyalty Needs to Be Earned

The first (and most) important thing to understand is that loyalty needs to be earned. I mean, who would be loyal to a mean and controlling boss? While that’s probably not you, you get the point. Be loyal to your employees by treating them with kindness and fairness. Go out of your way to show your employees that they aren’t replaceable and that you value them.

Remember, loyalty is very much a two-way street. You show your employees loyalty, and they’ll be more inclined to do the same for you.

Be Transparent

This goes without question. If you can’t be transparent with your employees about your company – why on earth would they be loyal to you? Honesty is the best policy, and this is the single best way to improve employee loyalty. Speak honestly, provide feedback, and be realistic about the future. Just don’t forget to remain professional in the process.

Open Lines of Communication

Communication is what will make or break a company – especially in times of uncertainty. Even if you don’t have time to chat during the actual work day, make yourself available in other ways. Consider sending out anonymous surveys, and make sure that your contact information is readily available for employees to access.

Of course, the second half of the battle is to act on these lines of communication. Apply feedback and make the necessary changes to establish a positive feedback loop that makes employees feel more comfortable.

Create a Powerful Vision

High pay is great, but it’s only one of the factors that employees look for. Purpose is another big factor. It’s human nature to want to be included in the bigger picture and feel a sense of belonging. What better way to invoke this human trait than by creating a unifying company vision? When there is a binding vision between you and your employees, employees will invest more time into your company and want to stay around to see their effort pay off.