The Omaha Real Estate Market in 2020

The real estate market in 2020 was pandemonium for many cities. At first, it seemed that Omaha would be no different. In the second quarter of the year, as the world coped with the initial shock and significant adjustments from the pandemic, commercial real estate sales in Omaha plummeted by 87 percent compared with 2019. Things were The Omaha Real Estate Market in 2020

How Airbnb Bested the Hotel Industry

The Rise of Airbnb 15 years ago, hotels were an inevitable part of traveling. Hotels generated $122 billion in income in 2005, netting $26 billion.  Then, along came Airbnb. The platform allows people to list their homes for vacation rentals, and travelers to choose from a variety of options. Airbnb makes a commission. The company skyrocketed to success How Airbnb Bested the Hotel Industry

What is Commercial Subleasing?

A commercial sublease agreement is an agreement between the tenant currently leasing the commercial property (sublessors), the landlord, and the person who wants to use the property (sublessee). There are several reasons this can work out well, and several factors to keep in mind. For sublessors: Subleasing can be a good option if you need What is Commercial Subleasing?