The Five Craziest Malls In The World

You may not usually think about taking a swim in the midst of your shopping trip, but hey, why not? It’s possible at some malls around the world, as is skiing, going to a concert, or checking out some of Andy Warhol’s finest work.  

Here are the five malls with the craziest amenities, sizes, and structures:  

#5 West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The only North American mall on our list is the largest on the continent, containing 800 stores and sprawling across 5.3 million square feet. It’s also home to the world’s largest parking lot, with over 20,000 spaces and 10,000 overflow spaces.  

#4 Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

Nine stories of this state-of-the-art shopping center contain stores, fine dining, a luxury hotel, a movie theater, and a 5,000 seat concert hall.  

#3 Elements Mall, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Elements Mall takes its inspiration from nature and is divided into sections named Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The architecture in each section matches the theme, as do the stores and corresponding art exhibits, including a section of Andy Warhol works. While it has only 123 stores, this mall is truly an architectural wonder.

#2 Wafi Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Inspired by Ancient Egypt, this art-adorned mall holds 30 restaurants shaped like pyramids and is lined with beautiful mosaics. A unique section made to look like a 14th-century market features wares from local vendors, and that’s all in addition to mini-golf, a spa, and hundreds of stores.  

#1 The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The UAE hits this list a second time with this incredible shopping center. The Dubai Mall, the largest in the world by total land area, occupies over 13 million square feet and is home to an aquarium, luxury hotel, 22 movie screens, ice rinks, and an amusement park, in addition to over 1000 stores. It has won several awards and is one of Dubai’s most prominent tourist attractions.  

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