What is a Praise Wall and How Can It Help Your Business?

  Everyone loves and deserves to be praised for their work, but what about putting written praises on a literal wall somewhere in the office? If praises have the power to motivate and encourage – then it might be best to put praises in plain sight. Today’s Millennium Omaha blog introduces you to praise walls

4 Manager Tips To Make 1-On-1 Meetings More Comfortable

  If you’re a practicing manager, you know how dreadful 1-on-1 meetings can be. Whether it’s to lecture an employee who isn’t performing well, or you’re just checking up on something – wouldn’t things be better if they were more comfortable? Millennium Omaha thinks so. Because you probably will need to conduct 1-on-1 meetings in

Resume Best Practices That People Don’t Tell You About

  If you’ve ever applied for a job, there’s a good chance that you needed to submit a resume. Your resume competes with tens or maybe hundreds of other resumes at once – meaning you should do your best to stand out. There are some resume myths out there that just don’t make sense. There

4 Productivity Myths Debunked for Good

  It’s always productivity this, productivity that. Don’t get us wrong, Millennium Omaha loves productivity. But, have some productivity “life hacks” gone too far? Maybe they’re even counterproductive? If you want to avoid productivity mistakes or find yourself in a productivity slump, this post offers valuable insight. 4 productive myths debunked for good incoming! Myth

The Pros and Cons of Using a Resume Template

  Whether it’s your first time creating a resume or you want to update an existing one, there are many resume templates available. Some are free, and some come with a price, but are resume templates even worth it? If you’ve been considering a resume template, this post is for you! This Millennium Omaha post

7 Soft Skills Fundamental to Any Successful Team

  Soft-serve is great, and soft skills are too. A study conducted by Wonderlic found that 93% of hiring managers viewed soft skills as an “essential” or “very important” element when making hiring decisions. This percentage isn’t that surprising to us. Even the most skilled employee will create issues for the team if they don’t

What is an Open Door Policy and Why Should You Adopt It?

  By far, one of the most common complaints from employees is not feeling heard. In fact, HR Magazine research reveals that 83% of employees feel they are not being heard “fairly or equally”. Another 60% believe their opinions are being ignored completely. Yikes. We’d like to think employers aren’t intentionally ignoring their employees. Millennium Omaha

4 Methods to Stomp Out Workplace Gossip Today

  Your employees didn’t sign up to be on a season of Gossip Girl or The Office. Instead, they signed up to work in a positive environment away from gossip or petty workplace drama. But, gossip happens in nearly every company. Any gossip can be bad, but unchecked gossip can prove to be detrimental to

A Leader’s Quick Guide to Make Employees Feel Valuable

  A little bit of appreciation goes a long way in the office. When employees feel recognized and valued, good things start to happen. More productivity, more engagement, and more frowns turned upside down. Without delay, here’s the Millennium Omaha leader’s guide to making employees feel more valuable. 4 different strategies are below, all actionable

5 Interview Green Flags That You’ll Want To See From Job Candidates

  We’ve explored the interview red flags, and now we’re onto the interview green flags. Millennium Omaha is here to help your business run smoothly, one step at a time. Below, you’ll find 5 interview green flags that’ll make you fall in love with a job candidate from the get-go. An Interview That Flows An