The 5 Pages That Every Small Business Website Needs


From the local cafe up the street to your town’s community center – every business has a website nowadays. And, for good reason. A website makes your small business come off as credible, professional, and helps to continuously build brand visibility.

Are you looking to create your first website? Or, maybe you want to revamp a website that’s not getting as much traffic as you’d like? You’re here for a reason, and Millennium Omaha wants to help.

Below are the 5 pages that every small business website should have.

Home Page

The home page is the “face” of your website, and most people will see it first when they come across your website. The content on your home page should intrigue your target audience in seconds, and provide a brief statement on who you are and what your team does. Make sure that your home page is well-designed, has optimal load times, and converts well when users are on a mobile device.

About Us Page

This is the page to get more specific on who you are, and why your company was founded. The page should offer readers a brief history of your company, your mission/vision statement, along with what makes you the best choice on the market.

Pro tip: Add short biographies and photos of your team on your about us page. This prompts your audience to make an instant human connection with your company, and this connection is priceless to brand loyalty and consumer retention.

Product or Service Page

Choosing between a product or service page depends on your company. Do you sell products, services, or both? Both product and services pages are used to showcase what your business offers.

Add images, short descriptions of each product or service, and links if necessary. If you have a large range of products or services, divide the content into categories or sections.

Testimonials Page

The fastest way to convey your business’s credibility is to showcase positive reviews from real, authentic consumers. When possible, include photos and links to the original review so that the testimonial is more believable. Testimonial pages can be a mix of written reviews and video testimonials from past clients.

FAQ Page

Having an FAQ page provides convenience to your audience that they’ll be grateful for. Use this space to address questions that your clients commonly ask and tell your audience what they need to know. The goal of this page is to remove any doubts that a customer may be having. It’s also useful if you tastefully integrate a call-to-action into each of your answers.