How to Streamline Your Administrative Processes


Administrative processes are office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, and document production that keep a business up and running. Without these essentials in place, businesses are guaranteed to fail.

However, it’s not enough to just have administrative processes in place – that’s the bare minimum. Time is valuable, and streamlining your business’s administrative processes will help cut down on time-consuming tasks. Spend that time growing your business.

Below, Millennium Omaha presents 5 actionable strategies to streamline your administrative processes.

Delegate Tasks

Simple, but very powerful. Delegate tasks clearly and concisely so everyone knows what they’re responsible for. Don’t rely purely on verbal communication because it’s reliable. Team members may forget or misremember their responsibilities, or have to ask for clarification from management.

Take the time to create a document or spreadsheet that outlines everyone’s roles. Share this document with your team so they know what they’re responsible for at all times.

Allocate Time Per Task

Allocating time per task has two strong perks that streamline your administrative processes. First, this policy deters procrastination among your team who may be susceptible to leaving tasks to the last minute. Second, you get precious data regarding your company’s workflow that can be used to improve your team’s workflow efficiency.

Consider how often a task is completed versus how often it should be completed? How long does this task take to complete from start to finish? With data comes improvement.

Go Paperless

If you haven’t already, there’s nothing better for improving your team’s efficiency than going paperless. Not only is going paperless more secure for your team, it also makes document retrieval and transfers a much more seamless process.

Try Automation

There is plenty of software on the market that is designed to help companies with their streamlining efforts. They are called business process management software and have a host of automation features that boost your team’s overall productivity. Make sure to do your research as features vary from software to software and may be industry or field-specific.

Employee Feedback is King

Administrative processes can range anywhere from bookkeeping to human resources. As such, it’s unlikely that you’re able to keep track of all your employees and their everyday workflows. Co-workers and employees experience the day-to-day of their workflows, so they likely have their own ideas on how to improve the current processes in place. What makes things easier for employees will also make things easier for the overall company.