5 Ways to Market Yourself As A Fresh Business

Starting a fresh business is often the hardest part of the battle. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed since you’re juggling several unfamiliar tasks at once. One of those tasks is to market yourself. You know your product is a hit, but can’t seem to find any interested buyers? We’ve got your back. As a fresh business,

5 Reasons to Take the Leap and Start Your Own Business

  As kids, most of us have dreamed of starting our own businesses. Maybe it was a catering business, a bakery, a product – whatever it was, it was fun to think about. Running your own business has many perks. So, why not take the leap of faith? In this post, we’ll be highlighting our

Wake Up to the Benefits of Office Sleeping Pods

Sleeping on the job has always been considered taboo. But, is this notion actually counterproductive and outdated? We think so. Sleep is an integral part of our lives, but it’s difficult to get the optimal 7 to 8 hours every single day. When life gets in the way of a good night’s sleep – an

6 Reasons to Start Providing Coffee in the Workplace

  We get it, running an office comes with a pile of expenses. It’s tempting to cut expenses that aren’t absolutely necessary, and coffee may fall on this chopping block. Or, maybe coffee has already been chopped. The point of this blog? We’re here to argue in favor of providing coffee in the workplace. This

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in the Office: Here’s How

  Would you rather have a team that crumbles under pressure or one that thrives no matter the odds thrown against them? The answer’s pretty clear to us. That’s why inclusion and diversity are so sought after in the workplace. These components will make or break a team. Luckily, you’ve stumbled on this blog post

5 Strategies to Encourage Employee COVID Vaccination

  The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t news to anyone at this point. It’s been 2 years and various variants have popped up. Still, only 65.5% of the U.S. population is currently vaccinated. It’s simply not enough. Still dealing with employees who won’t get vaccinated? To protect yourself and your other employees, try these 5 strategies to

Office Lighting: The Pros and Cons of LEDs for Daily Office Use

  Did you know that a whopping one-third of employees feel that better office lighting would make them happier at work? On top of that, an overwhelming 80% of employees said that proper office lighting is important to them (Forbes). Our building takes this seriously in order to provide the best possible office space for

6 Tips to Make Office Lighting More Friendly, Comfortable, and Productive

  Having the best lighting is more beneficial than just leveling up your Instagram game. When done right, lighting can provide benefits that make an office thrive. What type of benefits, you might be asking. Proper lighting makes all work tasks easier by reducing eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. Workplace accidents will also tumble in

4 Ways to Make Your Business More Appealing to Top Talent

  To become a top business in your field, you need to attract top talent. Why? Employees are the foundation of any business, and top talent offers a competitive edge that makes your business stand out. But, that’s the thing. Every business wants top talent, and top talent has mountains of job offers to look

7 Must-Ask Interview Questions to Find the Perfect Job Candidates

  Do interviews actually help recruiters find the most ideal job candidates? Well, only sometimes. Typically, interviewers have just 10 to 15 minutes to see if a candidate is right for a certain role. But, being “right” for a job doesn’t just mean having the technical skills to perform well nowadays. A candidate’s emotional intelligence,