Onboarding: 4 Best Practices to Follow in 2022

Onboarding is one of the first company-related experiences that new employees have. When done right, onboarding can help your new employees transition quickly into their positions and set them up for success. When done wrong, onboarding can leave new employees feeling unwelcome or uncertain about their positions. Almost every business needs to onboard at some

4 Ways to Make New Employees Feel More Welcome

First days can be rough. You remember the first day of school or work, don’t you? Your new employees are excited to start working, but they’re also uncertain and nervous. Employers should always strive to make new employees feel welcome. After all, employees who feel welcome right off the bat are often happier and more

3 Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Employee Overtime

Really, overtime is a lose-lose situation for both employers and employees. For employers, they end up paying time and a half for each hour spent working. For employees, overtime can add stress and upset their precious work-life balance. So, what’s the solution? If you want to reduce overtime in the office, the best way is

Unfair Overtime Practices That Are Frustrating Your Employees

  Life is all about moderation, and a work-life balance is no exception. Imagine setting up exciting plans after a long day of work just to have them canceled because of overtime. Yeah, it can be demoralizing and frustrating for your employees to experience this. But, overtime isn’t always avoidable during busy months or seasons.

4 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty

  While office backstabbings and betrayals aren’t as dramatic in real life – they still certainly happen. And, these scenarios can still be nightmares to deal with. Most business owners will likely have to deal with backstabbing employees at some point in their careers. We’d like to help minimize the chances of this happening to

Best and Worst Management Styles in the Office

Choosing an optimal management style will make or break a company’s ability to function. Strong management acts as a glue that keeps all parties in check and enables strong communication at all times. Poor management? Burnout, lack of motivation, high turnover rates, and lots and lots of frowns around the office. We understand that all

Ergonomic Upgrades: The 4 Essentials for Your Office

  I’m sure you’ve heard the term ergonomics buzzing around. Is it just a fancy type of standing desk? Nope. Ergonomics is actually a field of study that aims to understand people in their working environments. Ergonomists design and modify the work to fit the worker, Areas that ergonomists have paid special attention to are

Job Candidate Red Flags to Keep Your Eyes Peeled For

  Employees are the foundation for any business. If you have a rotten apple in your employee basket, you may be putting some important things on the line. Productivity, sales, reputation, loyalty – these are all factors that you want to preserve. What’s the solution? It’s simple. We must keep rotten apples at bay by

Navigating Trouble: How to Handle Difficult Employees the Right Way

  Maybe, it’s a good employee gone sour? Or, a new employee was surprisingly deceptive during the interview process? Either way, difficult employees are bad news for business owners. These employees are toxic, and this toxicity can spread to increase turnover rates and lower productivity in the office as a whole. Want to avoid the

4 Security Measures to Keep Your Office Safe and Sound

  While we hear a lot about cybersecurity these days, physical security shouldn’t be neglected either. Ironically, technology can help keep your office safer than ever these days. You and your employees deserve to feel safe and sound while in the office. Beyond the obvious lock your doors and windows, here are 4 of the