How to Make Friends At Work


Having strong relationships at work can offer a myriad of positive benefits. You’ll see boosts in productivity, be in better moods, and will generally want to come to work more.

Now that offices are opening back up, it’s time to make work besties and pals once again. This is how to make friends at work.

Eat Lunch Away From Your Desk

It’s tempting to eat at your desk instead of at the cafeteria or common space. But, eating lunch away from your desk might be your golden ticket opportunity for workplace friendship! It’s a simple way to meet and chat with co-workers that sit on the other side of the office. You should also consider eating out at restaurant hotspots that employees go to.

Don’t Neglect Greetings

A simple “good morning”, “hello”, or “have a great night” goes a long way. When walking around the office, don’t avert eye contact or put your head down. Be confident, give a nice smile, and just say hello! It might be hard at first, but it just takes some practice. When you give greetings and smile, you’ll appear more friendly. This is important because co-workers are naturally attracted and inclined to talk to friendly people.

Learn Names and Then Use Those Names

You should really be using people’s names when you talk to them. Just by using someone’s name, that person feels important and attached to whatever conversation is happening. By learning people’s names and employing them during conversations, you’ll see a more positive impression from the start.