Simple Ways to Brighten Up the Office on Blue Mondays


You want employees coming in excited and ready to work each and every day. However, this type of work environment can be hard to create and especially on Mondays.

Here are some simple ways to brighten up the office on blue Mondays.

Bring In Natural Light

Did you know that sunlight helps our brains produce serotonin and endorphins? Serotonin aka the “happy hormone” can alleviate pain, increase energy, and boost levels of happiness. Endorphins aka the “feel-good hormone” can boost self-esteem as well as reduce stress and anxiety. So, when in doubt — crack open the windows and let some sunlight in.

Give Sincere Compliments

Employees want to be valued for the day-in and day-out work they do for your company. Giving compliments shows
appreciation while brightening up your employees’ days. As a general rule of thumb, compliments that are specific tend to feel more genuine. Instead of saying “you are so smart”, instead try, “I don’t know what we would do without you and your ideas”.

Throw In Some Greenery

Besides purifying the air and reducing sick-days, plants are amazing drivers of happiness and brightness. The color green itself evokes feelings of life, renewal, security, and peace. Throwing in some greenery can also make a formal and impersonal office feel a bit more cozy. To start off, we recommend some peace lilies or succulents!

Celebrate Personal And Team Milestones

Co-worker relationships matter. If your employees have friends at work, they’ll look forward to blue Mondays a bit more much more. Besides celebrating team milestones, make sure to celebrate individual achievements. If it’s one of your employees birthdays — don’t be afraid to throw them a surprise party!

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