How to Use Art to Positively Affect Your Office Space

Art can express many things, and can bring color, conversation, joy, and imagination into your office space. It can also come in many forms, be it framed art, sculptures, murals, and more.

A few ways art can have a positive impact on your office space are:  

  1. Stress relief. Numerous studies from both academic institutions and businesses have shown that art in the workplace leads to an overall happier mood on the part of employees. The Business Committee for the Arts and International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that 78% of workers saw reduced stress working in spaces with art! 
  2. Increased productivity. A study by Exeter University showed that employees are 32% more productive when art graces their office space!  
  3. Better relationships. Employees need to have positive working relationships, not just with each other, but with clients. A warm, well-decorated, and varied collection of art sparks conversation. 
  4. More ideas. The Business Committee for the Arts study showed that art in the office stimulates ideas in workers, with 77% more people expressing ideas in spaces with art. 
  5. Functionality. Art can actually help establish different spaces tastefully. Smartly-placed pieces can provide direction, or establish different departments.   

So what types of art work well in an office?

Here are a few ideas:  

  • Inspirational pieces with motivational quotes 
  • Bold, abstract pieces that compliment your office setup and spark creativity 
  • Art that relates to your company and image
  • Bright, positive colors 
  • A project the employees create together, such as a wall mural

Have fun looking for the art you need to spice up your office space!