How to organize old files

It’s not news that paper files are on their way out. But offices that have been around for even a couple of years probably have a backlog of paperwork shoved into filing cabinets. Much older offices have box after box of old files, all of which is being kept for good reason. But how can

Three quick ways to create a healthier workspace

Let’s face it. It can be tough sitting in the same workspace day after day. Workplace wellness and health are quickly becoming popular, but as that happens, there are also quick things you can do to create a healthier space for yourself, whether it’s at your home office or back in the building with others.  

The Joslyn Art Museum Expansion

The Joslyn Art Museum, a fine art institution located in Omaha, Nebraska, is embarking on an ambitious expansion of its building. The ambitious design, created by international architectural firm Snøhetta in partnership with Omaha’s Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture (APMA), will encompass 42,000 square feet of additional space. New features to be added will include modernizing existing office spaces, preserving

Is there an office made up of all glass?

We’ve all heard of not throwing stones from the proverbial glass house, but glass offices? These go beyond colloquialisms and are actually an impressive architectural feat, and somewhat common around the world! Below are three impressive glass office buildings that shine brightly.    Gores Group Headquarters, Beverly Hills, CA: Balzberg Architects of Santa Monica built this incredibly unique

All About Standing Desks

While working from home during the pandemic, many people noticed that they picked up a few pounds. Working at home can create a more sedentary lifestyle, particularly if one doesn’t make an effort to move throughout the day. When at the office you may be traveling to a co-worker’s office, walking up and down some

Three Benefits of Exercise at the Office

Many think of the office as a place to sit at a desk and work for numerous hours in the day. But studies have shown that working exercise into an employee’s day can improve performance. Here are three benefits of exercising at the office:   Stress relief. It’s no secret that workers carry stress with them each

Five reasons to get renter’s insurance

According to studies, about 43 million people in the United States rent their homes. Many have plans to stay in a rental situation long term. But rental insurance is not a given for these individuals, and many states do not require it. Here are five reasons you need renter’s insurance:   To protect your belongings. Renter’s insurance

A New Way of Investing

There was a time when investors with deep pockets were the only people who could afford to get into the real estate market. But a new company called Fundrise is making it easier for people to make smaller investments into properties and still see returns.   For as little as $500, new investors can build their portfolio with

The Smallest House In Great Britain

The tiny house craze is sweeping the world; people are finding ways to live with extremely limited space using their ingenuity and cleverness and reducing their carbon footprint. However, the idea of the tiny house is not a new one.   Tucked away in the cozy city of Conwy, Wales lies a truly unique house:

Five Facts About the Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t add any more products or services, they’ve done just that with their Amazon Fresh Grocery Stores.   Here are some important things to know about Amazon Fresh and their new physical stores:    There are 16 physical stores as of this writing. Their first physical grocery store opened in May of 2021