The New Bob Kerrey Bridge Connector

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge has been a local icon to Omaha, Nebraska since it originally opened in 2008. The 3,000-foot bridge was built for cyclists and pedestrians to get across the Missouri River between Omaha and Iowa.

The former Senator of Nebraska Bob Kerrey secured 18 million dollars of funding for the bridge in 2000, thus resulting in the bridge being named after him. Since being built it has gone under redesigning and construction periods costing millions of dollars.

Since it has been built, people have expressed that they wish there could be a way to get from the Bob Kerrey bridge to downtown Omaha. You are able to see the downtown area from the bridge, but can’t access it from there, until now.

The city has given the project of building a pedestrian bridge connector the green light. The project was approved by the Omaha City Council in April and is set to be completed by the summer of 2023.

There is also construction set to happen in order to fix previous flood erosion, but the bridge should remain open during this time. Now, people from all over Nebraska and Iowa will soon be able to visit the downtown area easily and conveniently.