Top 5 Unusual Office Buildings

There are some strange and unusual-looking office buildings in the world. These buildings are not just your average apartment or skyscraper, but rather interesting and unique architecture. Here are 5 of the most unusual office buildings from all around the world:

  1. New Lab, Brooklyn, United States: This office building in Brooklyn is the millennial office dream. They converted a no longer in use Old Navy warehouse into a fun, colorful office space for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The outside of the building doesn’t look overly unique, but the inside is where the area shines.
  2. 72 Screens, Jaipur, India: This unique office building was completed in April 2013 and was made in mind to combat the high heat temperatures that India has. The outside of the building is completely built using screens to allow air to pass through the small openings, cooling it down. It was designed as a corporate office headquarters complete with a reception and conference room.
  3. Dear Ginza, Tokyo, Japan: Dear Ginza was built in 2013 and designed so that the exterior would be different and strange looking. Individual aluminum panels of different shapes and sizes were used to create a unique outer layer, complete with changing LED lights.
  4. The Capital, Mumbai, India: The Capital is a massive 19-story building that serves as so much more than an office space. On the third story, there are restaurants, cafes, and lounges that overlook a beautiful garden. It also has the largest automated car parking lot, which can hold over 1000 cars.
  5. Phoenix Media Center, Beijing, China: With over 3,800 glass panels and in the shape of a “ballooning torus” which is formed by twisting steel stands the Phoenix media center. It finished construction in 2014, has 13 floors, and even won an award for the most outstanding structure.