The Pros and Cons of Using a Resume Template


Whether it’s your first time creating a resume or you want to update an existing one, there are many resume templates available. Some are free, and some come with a price, but are resume templates even worth it?

If you’ve been considering a resume template, this post is for you! This Millennium Omaha post will cover what a resume template is, and the pros and cons of using a resume template.

What is a Resume Template?

Let’s get everybody on the same page by defining what a resume template is first. Quite simply, a resume template provides the basic structure for your resume. With the resume template, an individual can simply edit the document and add their personal information. There are many resume templates available with various designs, but there is no “right” one to choose.

Pro: Removes the Guess Work

A resume template is especially great for beginners because they usually don’t know what to put on their resumes. These templates have exact sections and outlines laid out, which means you’ll know what information is important to include. Just fill out the empty space on your resume template, and you should cover the core pieces needed for any resume.

Con: Possible Lookalikes

If you use a popular and high-quality resume template, there’s a good chance that others do too. This isn’t the end of the world, but it might mean not standing out in the eyes of a hiring manager.

Pro tip: If you do use a resume template, there are a few ways to stand out. Play with font style, change the border color, and opt for a unique bullet point design.

Pro: Saves Time

Using a resume template is a viable DIY approach to resume building that saves time. You won’t need to consider spacing between sections, design, and other elements that would otherwise consume both time and energy. You also won’t need to wait for the downtime between hiring a resume creation specialist and receiving the final product.

Con: Bad for Individuals With Limited Experience

Resume templates are good for individuals new to resume building, but – ironically – these individuals are usually the ones with limited experience. Resume templates tend to leave large gaps between sections where you can input your experiences and qualifications. If you can’t fill these details out, your resume may look sparse or uneven.