Top Three Ways To Improve Work Performance

As offices return to the day to day, a lot of folks are struggling. Here are the top three ways to improve work performance as a leader of employees.  

  1. Provide a bright and lovely place to work. Redecorate with bright colors, new art, and strategic lighting, all of which are proven to boost morale. Provide plant life either in the office or in a nearby courtyard. Mental health plays a big role in productivity, and these tactics have been proven to help people feel good about being at work while getting them motivated.  
  2. Communicate effectively. Communication is key in any good business relationship, including between managers and employees. Particularly after a difficult year and a half of working from home, employees may require some additional communication and clarification. Help get them the information they need in order to do their jobs well, using collaborative language and being open to a variety of resources.  
  3. Incentivize employees. It can be hard to find the right employee reward programs, but small and genuine expressions of gratitude can go a long way. Buy lunch for the office, congratulate people in front of their colleagues, or create a team-building event with a prize. This boosts engagement and shows that you value your employees and their contributions.