Wake Up to the Benefits of Office Sleeping Pods

Sleeping on the job has always been considered taboo. But, is this notion actually counterproductive and outdated? We think so. Sleep is an integral part of our lives, but it’s difficult to get the optimal 7 to 8 hours every single day.

When life gets in the way of a good night’s sleep – an office sleeping pod should be your employees’ favorite spot. Have you woken up to the benefits of office sleeping pods yet? This blog post will cover:

  • What Sleeping Pods Are
  • The Benefits of Office Sleeping Pods
  • The Cost to Install Office Sleeping Pods

What Are Sleeping Pods?

Sleeping pods (also referred to as napping pods) are large pieces of furniture designed with the purpose to provide the comfort and privacy needed for an energizing nap.

Most sleeping pods will fall into one of two designs. The first design resembles Japan’s capsule hotels where each pod is an individual-sized compartment with a mattress and pillow. The second design is a C-shaped lounger that comes attached with a large dome that covers the head for privacy and darkness.

Some pods also come attached with a string of features that makes falling asleep in a busy environment simpler. These include embedded timers, speakers for calming music/ambiance, and gentle vibration settings.

What Are the Benefits of Office Sleeping Pods?

A full night’s sleep is a coveted luxury that seems more difficult to get by the day. With that, office sleeping pods come with an impressive range of benefits. Here’s what they are.

Improves Productivity

Droopy eyes, yawns, and the incredible urge to sleep – no work is being done no matter how hard you try. You know that feeling and your employees do too. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to poorer performance and productivity, all while increasing the chances of sickness and burnout. Sleep pods offer you and your employees the chance to defeat sleep deprivation and become more productive.

Happy Employees

Piggybacking off the last point, happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. But, happiness provides so much more than productivity too. Sleep is considered the third pillar of wellness right along with exercise and diet. A full night’s sleep helps to regulate moods, keep emotions in check, and leads to a healthier employee. In every aspect, happy employees are better employees.

Retain and Attract Top Talent

Sleeping pods are one of the coolest (and more versatile) amenities that we can think of. These pods are attractive to top talent and can win them over to join your team. The above benefits will also help to retain and keep top talent fully satisfied as they work for your company.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Office Sleeping Pods?

Data from the Sleep Foundation reveals that a single office sleeping pod can cost between $8,000 to $12,000. For a more exact quote, most sleeping pod companies encourage you to contact them directly.

Alternative? We know that the cost of installing an office sleeping pod might not be realistic at the moment. Instead, furnish and designate a space or room in your office as a sleeping corner. This won’t provide complete privacy, but employees can still recharge and will appreciate the amenity.