6 Facts About Trivia That You Didn’t Learn in School


We are all full of “useless facts” that really come in handy during a rousing game of trivia. But did you learning them all in school? There are some fascinating facts that will make you trivia royalty you probably didn’t learn in school.

6 Trivia Tibits You Teacher Didn’t Teach You

  • Peanuts are an essential ingredient used for making dynamite.
    • The glycerol in their oil is used to make nitroglycerin. That makes the dynamite go BOOM!
  • The briefest war in history lasted a total of 38 minutes.
    • During the brief Zanzabar War, 500 Zanzabarian soldiers were killed, while only one British soldier was wounded.
  • Snails take the longest naps of any other living creature.
    • Sometimes, if they are feeling EXTRA tired, their naps will last up to THREE YEARS.
  • On an average day, your feet manufacture about one-half to one whole pint of sweat.
    • Why are your feet super sweaty? The soles of your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body.
  • Clouds are HEAVY!
    • Some can weigh up to ONE MILLION POUNDS!
  • Talkeetna, Alaska’s mayor for 20 years, was a cat.
    • The town with a population of less than 800 elected Stubbs the cat to be their mayor for 20 years, from 1997 until his death in 2017.