Amazon aiming to have electric van delivery by 2040

No doubt you’ve seen the gray Amazon delivery vans out and about delivering packages. This comes as a result of the company buying 100,000 of the oddly-shaped electric vehicles to carry the over 20 million packages per year that they deliver.  The goal of this move is to be producing zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.  

 In a partnership with Rivian, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, the company becomes another trendsetter. The electric vehicles get 150 miles per charge and have effective safety features, like 360 degree views, for the driver.  

 While Amazon has been fairly quiet about specifications for the vehicle, photos show a specialized tracking system screen build into the dashboard, allowing digitized tracking of deliveries. It also provides precise routing information so drivers don’t have to be dealing with GPS.  

 Amazon has the luxury to purchase so many of these vehicles, but what about other delivery companies? Rivian, as it turns out, has announced that it will lower the price of the vehicles, hopefully in an effort to make them more affordable as time goes on and make it possible to contribute to environmental goals.