Top five coolest office buildings around the world

Who wouldn’t want to work here? Check out these five amazing office buildings with incredible features!  

Bark, Columbus, OH, Built 2019 

 This pet supply company has made the entire 23,000 square foot office pet friendly, so employees can bring their furry friends for inspiration as they create. Floors make it easy to clean up accidents, numerous outdoor spaces make a perfect place for walks and playtime, and comfy cubicles with couches make lounging and cuddling while working possible. 

Urban Outfitters, Pittsburgh, PA, Built 2011 

 Urban Outfitters is known for their hip, unique clothing and accessories, and their offices reflect their vibe. Built in an old shipyard, the 350,000 headquarters features a rugged deconstructed look, huge windows, and river views. 

Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid, Spain, Built 2007 

 Natural light and plant life are proven to boost employee morale, and there is no shortage of those in this unique 2500 square foot space in the woods housing Selgas Cano Architecture. The triangular design almost looks like a large camping tent.  Modern furniture and bright colors make this truly delightful.

White Mountain Office, Stockholm, Sweden, Built 2008 

 Who’d have thought a bomb shelter could make such a stunning place to work? This space, nearly 100 feet underground and over 50,000 square feet, formerly housed WikiLeaks and features a sparkling white series of crags, fountains, and a free floating conference room.  

Inventionland Design Factory, Pittsburgh, PA, Built 2006 

 Just like Peter Pan, you never have to grow up at this innovative, inspiring, 60,000 square foot toy company. Sixteen sets include a castle, a treehouse, a boat, a candy house, and so much more. Workers create in the spaces that match their jobs, and the public takes tours daily.