Three Benefits of Exercise at the Office

Many think of the office as a place to sit at a desk and work for numerous hours in the day. But studies have shown that working exercise into an employee’s day can improve performance.

Here are three benefits of exercising at the office:  

  1. Stress relief. It’s no secret that workers carry stress with them each day. Whether it regards home life or the workplace, that stress can be a distraction and affect their jobs. With time for exercise allowed during the day, whether it’s a treadmill desk, breaks for walks, or company-sponsored aerobics classes, helps employees release endorphins and reduce cortisol levels, preparing them to return to their desk in a better state of mind.  
  2. Improved health. Healthy employees are more focused and have stronger immune systems. Regular exercise routines that suit the worker’s needs can help them feel physically better, which also allows them to mentally contribute more at the office.  
  3.  Improved efficiency and creativity. When bodies are functioning well, so do brains and hearts. This encourages employees to plan their time well, complete their tasks with excellence and on deadlines, and invest their increased energy and ideas into possibilities for the company.  

Ways to encourage exercise at the office can include longer breaks for trips to the gym, a walking path near the building, allowing employees to use standing treadmill desks, or even creating cards recommending desk-friendly exercises like arm circles, chair squats, calf raises, and more! Click here for some great ideas