All About Standing Desks

While working from home during the pandemic, many people noticed that they picked up a few pounds. Working at home can create a more sedentary lifestyle, particularly if one doesn’t make an effort to move throughout the day. When at the office you may be traveling to a co-worker’s office, walking up and down some stairs, or simply running out to your car. But at home, some people do their jobs without ever leaving their designated workspace.  

Though some are back at the office, many workers are still telecommuting, and might be for the foreseeable future. In an effort to improve their health, many have invested in standing desks.  

Standing desks came onto the market fairly recently. These inventions come in a variety of sizes and styles. Their main feature is that they can be adjusted to many heights, allowing a person to find their perfect level to work comfortably. Standing desks are great for working at home, and some people, if permitted, use them at the office as well.  

While a standing desk may sound a bit unusual, it actually has a plethora of health benefits. In general, standing improves circulation, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens the back and legs, and has been shown to improve focus. It can also lower the risk of heart disease and overall decrease the possibility of obesity.  

So if you’re working from home and looking for an easy way to start feeling better, a standing desk may be the answer! Many are on the market and are available in many price ranges, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a perfect one for you!