Is there an office made up of all glass?

We’ve all heard of not throwing stones from the proverbial glass house, but glass offices? These go beyond colloquialisms and are actually an impressive architectural feat, and somewhat common around the world!

Below are three impressive glass office buildings that shine brightly.  

 Gores Group Headquarters, Beverly Hills, CA: Balzberg Architects of Santa Monica built this incredibly unique structure, featuring a collection of circle and diamond shapes. This has created a building with a secure, frosted appearance. The multi-functional design leads to natural benefits like cooling under the hot California sun.  

 IAC Building, New York, NY: Though packed among millions of buildings, Frank Gehry’s creation, home to Interactive Corp’s headquarters, manages to stand out. Using glass to create a more open and collaborative feeling, the materials also create a gradient of white to clear in the beehive-like structure.  

 Prada Store, Tokyo, JapanA luxury brand deserves a luxury store, and Prada’s home in the Aoyoma district makes a distinct impression. Different shapes of glass create a ripple effect that is combined with sharp angles. Built by Herzog & de Meuron, the different glass shapes offer a funhouse mirror effect, distorting images inside and outside of the store.  

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