The Joslyn Art Museum Expansion

The Joslyn Art Museum, a fine art institution located in Omaha, Nebraska, is embarking on an ambitious expansion of its building. The ambitious design, created by international architectural firm Snøhetta in partnership with Omaha’s Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture (APMA), will encompass 42,000 square feet of additional space. New features to be added will include modernizing existing office spaces, preserving three acres of outdoor garden space, and 33% more gallery space to house a gift of over 50 prestigious modern art pieces.  

Opened in 1931, the Joslyn Art Museum, with its longstanding policy of free admission for all, has become a mainstay of culture in the region. Now, with their expansion, they will have more impressive art to share with the public, as well as a new entrance through an atrium. Much of the new design is meant to help visitors navigate the museum intuitively, giving a full sense of the path through the space. As part of its restoration of the natural space, a sculpture garden will accompany the expansion, and a new and improved gift shop will be added.  

In addition to the directional design, the architects, envision an opportunity to create a uniquely intertwined indoor/outdoor experience for museum visitors. Most of all, this expansion is meant to build onto the museum’s space as a warm and welcoming location for all. Based on the incredible designs, available to see here, it appears that Omaha will soon be gaining an even more terrific modern artistic gem.